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Atlas V

Starting At $109M

Unmatched Reliability

Save On Insurance

Atlas V offers unmatched reliability and savings on insurance. On average, ULA customers spend $12M less on insurance compared to the industry average.

Average Additional Value: $12m

Schedule Certainty

Increase your On-Orbit Revenue

Over the last five years, ULA's average launch delay was less than two weeks compared with three to six months for other providers. With Atlas V, your business will not only avoid lost revenue, it will realize revenue sooner.

Average Additional Value: $27m

Orbit Optimization

Extend your Spacecraft's Lifetime

The variable injection capability of Atlas V enables an average spacecraft lifetime extension of nearly two years. More lifetime on orbit means more revenue.

Average Additional Value: $30m

Get Started

Atlas V commercial missions are sold exclusively by Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services (CLS)
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Purchase Price $105M

ULA added value $63M

cost after added value $42M
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